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We supply a vast range of Fire Equipment.

  • Home               - Fire Blankets, Fire Alarms etc
  • Farming          - Fire Car (Skid Unit), Hoses, Fire Beaters etc
  • Commercial   - Fire Alarms, Fire Doors, Fire Axes etc
  • Industrial       - Fire Doors; Spill Kits; Sirens etc



Fire Blankets are suitable for use in various environments such as factories, offices, hospitals, schools, hotels, boats, caravans and other places where it will be necessary to make use of it.

The Super Sound Station is a handheld signalling alarm that is used to instantly notify of an emergency at the touch of a finger. The Super Sound Station can be used in the following situations: as a Fire Evacuation and Rescue Alarm, Drills, Signalling in cases of other threats, accidents and is used indoor as well as for outdoor activities.

The H200 siren has been designed with the purpose to be a backup alarm when there is a power failure or in remote areas without access to electricity. The handle at the top can be used to alter the sound output of the siren.

More Fire Equipment

Super Sound Station


H200 Siren


Fire Blankets


Fire Axe

Fire Axe-axe1

Fire Beater

Fire Beater-veldfire21

Emergency Key Steel Box


Battery operated Smoke Detector


Skid Unit